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Q#1 how can I log my Feedbacks and complaints in Udyogsathi Pvt Ltd?

You are requested to use the following steps to log in your complaints air feedback on Udyyogsathi :

1) Fill in the Compliant FORM and fill in the details clearly with the product code and purchase date

2) Drop in a one line query at customer-care @udyousathi.com

3) If the order received is not what you ordered , please write to us at buyershelp@udyogsathi.com

Q#2 Is Udyogsathi responsible for any falsified nature of supplies ?

Udyogsathi is purely an online marketplace that provides a platform for buyers and sellers to participate , negotiate and transact.

Udyogsathi will in no way be responsible for any falsified nature of supplies provided by suppliers or buyers.

Should there be any complaint, the internal team of Udyogsathi will take stringent check and take correct action.

In addition, Udyogsathi recommends all buyers to source their products from authenticated sellers with TRUSTSEAL.

Q#3 what is the way I can promote my products on Udyogsathi?

There are various ways to increase and expand visibility of your products on Udyogsathi:

• List your products to the apt categories and product assemblage so that whenever a buyer is searching for the product, you appear among the relevant sellers.

• You can also select from our city listings and keyword listings package, to promote your products in specific cities or for specific keywords.

Q#4 who is Udyogsathi?

Udyogsathi is a renowned ecommerce brand that facilitates buyers and sellers to exhibit their products on its Marketplace .They are all verified suppliers and vetted by standard authentication

Q#5 how is Udyogsathi important for Buyers

Seller rating is a measure of seller’s performance on Udyogsathi.com.

Any seller who has a higher score is the most preferred and it helps him promote his things better . A positive feedback means a lot , it impacts and influences business and helps increase leads too.

Q #6 Can we view the product prices on Udyogsathi ?

The entire Product listed on Udyogsathi can be seen along with the product description on the search result page. It is absolutely important and key requirement for the new sellers to mention the product price or a range of price on their product catalogue.

Q#7 How do I create a Label?

Simply click the Contact section and select the tag under a label – all you need to do is Click on ‘Add Label’ icon.

Q#8 Who is the Founder of Udyogs?

Mr. Anil G is the founder and Chaiman of Udyogsathi [sir mention your name please], an effervescent and dynamic personality.

Q#9 What are the services available for a buyer on Udyogsathi platform?

Udyogsathi is the perfect platform to find anything that you need.

• All Buyer can search for products/services and connect to suppliers one-on-one for their requirement.

• Buyers can also use send SMS or message in order to contact suppliers on Udyogsathi platform.

Q#10How will buyers connect with Udyogsathi?

When a buyer is searching for products which you sell, he/she will be able to see your catalogue listing on Udyogsathi platform. Buyers can choose to connect with you through three channels:

• Post a buy requirement on Udyogsathi

• Post a direct enquiry on your catalogue

• Reach us and all you through our preferred number service

Q# 11 what should I do to get a quick response from buyer?

In order to receive a quick response from buyers, you must:

• Provide complete information about your product on your catalogue, including but not limited to, product price, description, high-resolution image, contact details.

• Reply to buyer enquiries instantly.

• Send message and quotation to buyers using your Udyogsathi registration Number.

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